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StrikoWestofen GmbH (Germany)

StrikoWestofen GmbH (Germany)

StrikoWestofen is a global manufacturer of thermal processing technology for the light metal casting industry and provides energy-efficient solutions for die-casting, gravity casting, sand casting and low-pressure casting.  Their equipment includes melting, holding and dosing furnaces.

With more than 60 years of experience as the foundation to their extensive expertise and industrial knowledge, StrikoWestofen understands the customers’ needs and manufacturing processes requirements.  StrikoWestofen is the ideal partner to have in the aluminium, magnesium and zinc casting industry.

Mammut-Wetro Schmelztiegelwerk (Germany)

Manufacturers of isostatically pressed silicon carbide and clay graphite melting and holding crucibles, as well as thermocouple protection tubes, ladle nozzles and related hot metal products.

Mammut Wetro was started in 1875 and has a proud history in the non-ferrous metal casting industry.  Their wide range of crucibles are suitable for use in induction, fuel fired and electrically heated furnaces at temperatures between 400°C and 1400°C.  It is no secret that Mammut crucibles are of the highest quality on the market.

Schaefer Chemische Fabrik GmbH (Germany)

Manufacturers of high quality fluxes, coatings and molten metal treatment products for the non-ferrous foundry industry.  Their products are used for the removal of dissolved gasses and non-metallic impurities in liquid metal, metal refining, improving mechanical properties and reducing the metal content in the dross.

Elkem Foundry Products (Norway)

Elkem is one of the largest suppliers of Ferrosilicon, Ferrosilicon Magnesium and Inoculants in the world and is widely regarded to have the highest quality and most consistent products for use in cast iron and ductile iron foundries.

Elkem’s manufacturing plants in Norway, Iceland and North America are all QS9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved.

Mammut-Wetro Schmelztiegelwerk (Germany) Schaefer Chemische Fabrik GmbH (Germany) Elkem Foundry Products (Norway)

Ceralcast (South Africa)

Manufacturers of precast ceramic shapes for the aluminium industry. Filter bowls, Launders, Flow Control Pins, Ferrules for boilers and Spouts etc.


Industrial Ceramic Products (ICP) produces a full line of gating components for the foundry and investment casting industries.  Ceramic products and materials are also available for the steel, ceramic and heat treat industries.  ICP also designs special ceramic shapes and develops custom compositions according to customer requirements.  Expert staff of ceramic engineers can assist in the development of ceramic products for your applications.

Remet (UK)

For over 40 years, REMET® Corporation has continually evolved into an international business. Starting with a product portfolio of waxes, binders and refractories for the Precision Investment Casting industry, REMET expanded its offering to include a comprehensive range of products and services, including; rapid prototyping, wax injection, mould releases, pattern washes, hot toppings, anti-foams, wetting agents, slag getters, crucibles, ladle liners and abrasives. Today, Remet PIC is ISO 9001 certified to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Ceralcast (South Africa) ICP (USA) Remet (UK)

Ceranovis (Germany)

The technology leader for ceramic non-stick and protective coatings in high temperature applications

We are specialised in development, production and distribution of functional high-performance coatings for industrial applications and offer a comprehensive product portfolio covering the following areas:

Coatings for smelters and foundries

Protective non-stick coatings for high-temperature applications

Coatings for the aerospace industry

In addition to this, we tackle customer-specific problems and develop coatings for special applications, supporting this process right until market readiness.

Becker Insulation (Germany)

With more than 20 years of application’s experience in microporous material and insulation

material we serve you efficiently and quickly.

By best possible insulation values at temperatures up to 1000 ° C, our microporous products are in use in all sectors of industry. Our microporous panels and shaped pieces made of MB1000 and MB1100 have with 0.020 W / mK at 200 ° C the best available insulation properties.

It is possible to achieve with the thinnest possible thickness the best possible thermal insulation.

The material is available in sheet form and as a half-shell. Cut and milled parts are produced according to customer requirements.

Ceranovis (Germany) Becker Insulation (Germany)

Newform (Germany)

Newform Foundry Products: Supplier of Mica Slip Plane for re-lining of induction coil furnaces, Mica and other thermal and electrical products.

Newform (Germany)

Amalgamated Metal Corporation PLC (UK)

They are  centered in London from where they trade non-ferrous metals , mainly Tin, Aluminium alloys, Tungsten, Antimony, lead, Silicon and Nickel.

AMC(PLC)UK has a  50% holding in Alloys, Metals and Ceramic Holdings (Pty) Ltd together with

Ceramic and alloy Specialists(Pty) Ltd who distributes and trades in these metals on behalf of AMC

Trading in the South African market.

Amalgamated Metal Corporation PLC (UK)

Progelta S.r.l. (Italy)

Manufacturers of molten metal treatment and automation systems for the ferrous foundry industry. Products manufactured include melting furnace loading systems, metallurgical treatment stations, metering systems, liquid iron transport systems, automatic pouring systems, inoculators and other automatic systems.

Progelta S.r.l. (Italy)

HOESCH Metallurgie (Germany)

HOESCH is a global supplier of metals, alloys and fluxes into the aluminium industry.  Their products are manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards and the very best technology available.  These products include magnesium, silicon metal, master alloys, hardeners, grain refiners, modifiers, degassing products and a wide range of high quality fluxes. These products are available in various forms such as powders, tablets, briquettes, waffle, cut rod, coil, cast cut bar, ingots and nuggets.

HOESCH Metallurgie (Germany)

SELEE Corporation (USA)

As the pioneer and world leader in metal filtration technology, SELEE Corporation has demonstrated a long-term commitment to customer service, quality, innovation and technical support in aluminium, copper, iron, steel and superalloy casting.  SELEE Corporation is a technical ceramics company specializing in the design and manufacture of porous technical ceramics and metals for a wide range of demanding industrial applications.

SELEE Corporation (USA)

CEDIE (Spain)

Over the past 15 years, CEDIFIL Cored Wire has developed a wide range of cored wire products in order to meet the growing market demands with regards to quality, gaining a great deal of experience in the injection technology field.

CEDIE (Spain)