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Ceramic and Alloy Specialists(Pty) Ltd

Established in 1998

Our Core Business was initially projects in the Aluminium Primary and Secondary sectors, upgrading launder systems and supplying consumables in conjunction with Selee Corp USA and Dakot Ceramics.

In 2004, CAS acquired a 50% share in Ceralcast (Pty) Ltd (Previously Dakot Ceramics) and in 2006 acquired the balance of the shares.

CAS also developed a  close working relationship with The British Metal Corp of SA (owned by Amalgamated Metal Corporation Plc. UK )  and in 2006, a JV was formed by CAS/BMC  with the holding company being  Alloys  Metals and Ceramic Holdings(Pty) Ltd.

CAS offers and markets capital equipment, spares and consumables for a number of international manufacturers and developers of foundry related products.

CAS trades and acts as the South African distributor and agent for a number of international producers of raw materials and consumables for the Southern African Metal Casting Industry.

This includes Ferro-Alloys, nodularisers, inoculants, cored wire, aluminium alloying additions, ceramic pre-cast shapes and flow control components for the aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industry, ceramic foam filters, minor and special metals, minerals and foundry consumables as well as a range of insulating and refractory materials.

Our sales and technical team, as well as those of our principals, are available to advise in more detail and assist in problem solving.

Ferro alloys, cored wire, aluminium alloying additions, ceramic castings and filters, minor and special metals, minerals, foundry consumables, graphite electrodes and crucibles.
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